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A plastic surgeon in Houston knows that it can be difficult finding the time to squeeze in treatments. Therefore they often offer procedures that can be done in as little as 15 minutes. These lunch hour procedures range from Botox injections to laser tattoo removal to microdermabrasion. Even when time is limited a person can easily fit in a procedure that does not take long and has minor side effects so they can get back to doing the things they need to get done that day.

Choose From a Variety of Skin Treatments that Take Less than an Hour

There are a wide range of lunch hour treatments that a Houston medspa offers. Houston Botox injections are perfect for those that do not want to have a face lift but still want tight skin that takes years off of the face’s age. Botox injections take less than an hour but the time varies on how many treatments sites the patient wants. Since the effects of Botox are not permanent, injections are recommended every three to five months.

Plump lips can be less than an hour away with a lip enhancement Houston. Injections last between six and 12 months  and can be done on upper lip, lower lip, or both. Lips are injected with a Restylane injectable filler that is a non-animal product. Another lunch hour procedure is microdermabrasion which takes between 20-30 minutes per treatment session. Microdermabrasion reduces fine lines, acne, scars, aging, and sun damage.

Those that are interested in lunch hour treatments can ask their plastic surgeon which procedures they offer. A Houston plastic surgeon will discuss any side effects a person may have after a treatment and ways to help reduce those effects. For the most part, any treatments done in the lunch hour does not require any down time so patients can do their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

The highly reputable Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offer lunch hour plastic surgery procedures that include lip enhancements, laser hair removal, and Botox in Houston. They also offer Makeover For Moms and breast augmentation Houston.

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