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Mommy Makeover Houston is a package women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth consider very useful. This is a combination of body contouring procedures like including tummy tuck and breast enhancement to help make new mothers regain their previous appearance.


Procedures for Houston Body Sculpting

Here is a rundown of what moms can expect in a Makeover for Moms package.

Tummy tuck

In a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, the Houston cosmetic surgeon tightens the muscles around the abdomen and repositions the skin here to make the tummy look much more attractive and firm. While the results of a tummy tuck in Houston is actually permanent, fluctuations in your weight can lead to a loose tummy once again. It is better for women considering future pregnancies to postpone their procedure until pregnancies are completed.


Depending on the requirement, the Houston cosmetic surgeons may also perform liposuction to remove fat in troubled areas like hips, thighs and upper arms. During liposuction, a stainless steel suction tube called the cannula is used for sucking out excessive fat from the body.

Body contouring

Body contouring helps in sculpting the mom’s figure after the pregnancy, in which the skin that grows elastic during pregnancy is removed, restoring its original appearance. Depending on the amount of excess skin the mom has, the Houston cosmetic surgeon will decide which areas of the body need attention, such as arms, legs, buttocks, thighs and breasts.

Breast lifts

In case of body contouring of the breasts, the cosmetic surgeon will perform Houston breast augmentation to help make large, sagging breasts look slimmer and curvier. Sometimes, the mom may require breast reduction to reach a desired breast size.

Plastic surgeons expert in their field can perform the procedures indicated in Makeover for Moms all during a single surgical session. Depending on the number and extent of procedures a woman requires, a complete package may take 6-10 hours to complete. The complete recovery period after these surgeries are generally a few months, once again depending on the number and extent of procedures the woman goes through. Patients are returned to full activity within a matter of weeks.


The expert cosmetic surgeons in Houston Museum District Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center perform the exclusive Makeover for Moms within the surgical center, attended by a dedicated medical staff. New mothers battling that last ten pounds of baby fat find hope through a combination of procedures which may include a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift or breast reduction, and body contouring.

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