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Tummy tuck is one of the more effective and popular cosmetic procedures both men and women across the world undergo. Most of the time, they undergo the procedure to reduce fat deposits and for smoother skin.

In addition to this, there are some medical reasons for a tummy tuck Houston surgery like repair and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. These repaired and strengthened muscles help improve your comfort, health and appearance.

Tummy tuck is especially common amongst women who are recovering from pregnancy, especially because the surgery effectively improves your core strength and posture. So read on to find out how abdominoplasty helps improve your strength, posture and appearance.

How tummy tucks improve your core strength

There are various reasons that may lead to the separation of your tummy muscles like part of the aging process, birth, some trauma and accidents. The accidents that lead to this separation of muscles usually occur during bouts of rigorous activities, hard core athletics and unusual body strain. Unfortunately, most of these damages do not naturally heal with time, and if left untreated, may lead to long-term loss of its strength and flexibility.

There are many abdominal muscles have fascia or protective tissue surrounding and protecting the stomach muscles. However, these fascia vary in their structural integrity in different people. Moreover when a woman undergoes a child delivery, the strain or the separation of the abdominal muscles tend to extend below and above the belly button.

This is why most women undergo a tummy tuck to tighten these strained and separated muscles and thus improve their core strength. In addition to this, women who undergo a tummy tuck after their childbirth, opt to have their rectal muscles tightened too.

Additional body contouring procedures

This is because the rectal muscles can also get strained or separated during a child delivery as the straining of rectal muscles is an interconnected part of the birth process. Moreover, as the muscles get strained or separate, other tissues find it easy poking through the space. If and when some tissue pokes through the space, it develops into a painful condition called a hernia.

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