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Plastic surgery in Houston is not always for those who are trying to change something that is already normal into something perfect. Some people choose to do plastic surgery after recovering from breast cancer or to reduce back pain by reducing breast size. There are plastic surgeons available for reconstructive procedures, including to remove excess skin after extreme weight loss. Some insurances even cover reconstructive surgeries because it is helping the health of the patient.

Take the Pain Away with a Breast Reduction

Medically indicated breast reduction Houston surgery is often performed on women that want to reduce their breast size because the size is causing chronic back pain. Other woman choose to do this procedure to have a breast size that is better proportioned to their body. Women that have a Houston breast reduction may be able to partake in physical activities that they could not with their original size. When deciding to have breast reduction surgery, it is important to speak with a plastic surgeon to understand what the risks and complications can be, in addition to what they can realistically expect from the procedure.

Women that are recovering from breast cancer may choose to consult with a plastic surgeon about reshaping their breasts so they look as they did before they had a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction  includes several different plastic surgery techniques so the breast has a normal shape, size, and appearance. Plastic surgeons can perform this procedure on only one breast if needed. Although scars will remain, women can gain self-confidence after surviving breast cancer by getting back their feminine body.

When researching the a type of Houston breast surgery, as well as other plastic surgery procedures, women can speak with their insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of the procedure. Since medically indicated breast surgery often improves the health of patients,  some insurances will pay for it. However, it must be approved by the insurance before the reconstructive procedure is performed. If it is not covered, patients can speak with their plastic surgeons about what financing they have available.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform cosmetic and reconstructive breast augmentation Houston in addition to breast lifts and breast reductions. Whether you are looking for a tattoo removal or Labiaplasty these Houston plastic surgeons will give you the body you want.

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