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A mini facelift or a full facelift in Houston will give men and woman a more youthful appearance by reversing hereditary, personal habits, sun exposure, and gravity’s pull that gradually age the face. Mini facelifts have some benefits over a full facelift, such as the length of the scar and downtime needed for recovery. It is important to discuss which type of facelift will give the best results for you.

Full facelift vs. mini-facelift

Consider the benefits of both facelifts and mini-facelifts while making your decision.

Weight Considerations

One type of mini facelift, a short scar facelift, tends to work better for those that are overweight or fluctuate in weight. However, after the procedure is done it is best if men and women keep their weight stable. The ideal candidate has a jaw line that is not very well defined and has extra skin around the jaw and jowls.

Procedure length considerations

The amount of time the procedure takes varies from person to person but a mini facelift can have a dramatically reduced time. A mini facelift may last for 45 minutes to three hours while a full facelift can last between three to five hours.General anesthesia is often used for both types of surgeries and patients often go home the day after surgery. Some mini facelifts only require local anesthesia and patients can go home the same day. To know what to expect with your surgery it is important to speak with your cosmetic surgeon.

Recovery time considerations

Mini facelift patients must recover for one to three weeks. A full facelift patient often has bruising for three weeks with swelling that lasts for one to six months. Mini facelifts will leave some bruising and swelling but patients can return to work and exercise sometimes as little as one week after surgery. There can be moderate discomfort after surgery but patients are given acetaminophen or a prescription painkiller to help the pain.

As with other types of surgery, patients need to speak with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss the risks associated with a mini facelift or full facelift. Look at before and after photo to ensure they are experienced and provide men and women with ideal results.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform Houston mini facelift surgery for men and women who want to regain a youthful looking face. Other plastic surgery procedures they offer include Botox injections, microdermabrasion, and Houston breast implants.

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