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Getting a tattoo is easy. You just have to visit a tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist will create a tattoo of your desire wherever you want. However if you want to get it removed, you have lots of thinking to do as it can be a rather painful procedure. Moreover, those considering Houston laser tattoo removal become apprehensive of the procedure because of the following myths that make its rounds.

Myth no. 1:

Dermabrasion is a better option than laser tattoo removal to remove a tattoo.
It is true that dermabrasion effectively helps remove tattoos, however when compared with laser tattoo removal, the latter is always better. Dermabrasion involves the sanding of the skin using a rough disk to remove the tattoo.

Though the method helps in removing superficial skin layers and consequently the tattoo too, if the tattoo ink had absorbed into deeper skin layers, there is a chance of the tattoo still being visible even after the tattoo removal procedure.

Moreover, dermabrasion can cause irritation and needs a long recovery time. Comparatively, laser tattoo removal does not cause any irritation, does not need a long recovery time and there is practically no chance of any parts of the tattoo remaining once the procedure is completed.

Myth no.2:

Creams can effectively remove tattoos and are as effective as laser tattoo removal.
This is not true as though there are various tattoo removal creams available in the market, they cannot completely remove the tattoo ink. At the most, tattoos may start fading after using these creams. In case of laser tattoo removal, the results are much better. Moreover, specialists state that there are various side effects associated with these creams like irritation and swelling.

Myth no. 3:

Laser tattoo removal works by burning the tattoos.
While this may have been true in case of the earlier lasers that were used for Houston laser tattoo removal, the latest Q-switched lasers like YAG do not burn the tattoos away at all. They work at photothermically breaching the tattoo pigments. At the most, there may be some scarring, that too if too much of activity is activated using a Q-switched laser. However this is very uncommon.

These are three common misconceptions about laser tattoo removal that make many people apprehensive about considering the procedure. However Houston cosmetic surgeons always vouch, and can perform effective tattoo removal using lasers to ensure you have no difficulty in getting rid of tattoos.


Houston MedSpa Bella Rosa Clinic, is a full service spa operating under the direction of world-class cosmetic surgeons and within the confines of MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgical Center.  Patrons seeking laser tattoo removal in Houston can rest assured they will receive the utmost attention and optimal results.

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