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There are many innovative ways to get the body you always wanted. One of the more recent and effective forms of liposuction uses radio frequency. It is known as Houston BodyTite & FaceTite liposuction, or Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL). In this way, Houston plastic surgeons are able to melt and drain away unwanted fat.

RFAL is great also for people who not only need a  fat-reduction solution, but also require a firmer and tighter skin area. This is a remarkable example of science and technology working within the beauty sector to revolutionize the way plastic surgeries are being performed.

Excess fat on arm

Common BodyTite and FaceTite Questions

Here are the most common questions about this relatively new procedure.

Q: Is Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction Safe?

A: Yes. Most other invasive plastic surgery affects the upper layers of the skin. But with radiofrequency, the surgeon is able to penetrate deeper, treating the deepest layers of skin where fat tissue must be removed.

Q: What Is the Major Difference Between Other Forms of Liposuction and BodyTite/FaceTite?

A: This kind of liposuction is not as invasive as other procedures. Using radio frequencies allows for exceptional contouring and lipolysis results without the excision, scars or downtime of traditional liposuction or facelift procedures. Patients usually recover faster, within just a matter of days.

Q: How Is Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction Performed?

A: During a RFAL procedure, doctors insert a cannula underneath your skin with a 3mm incision. A liquid local anesthetic ensures you won’t be in pain.

Next, an electrode is placed on the upper surface of the skin, to process the electric current. This creates a literal thermal energy field, concentrating heat into the fatty tissue.

Then, the surgeon adjusts the temperature to heat the layers of skin. This heat energy liquefies your fat cells to remove them. During this procedure, no other surrounding tissues are damaged.

The end result is a much quicker, more effective type of liposuction.

Q: Can BodyTite Be Done on Any Parts of the Body?

While BodyTite is used for most parts of the body, the most common places to get this procedure done are the thighs and abdomen (BodyTite), the Face (FaceTite or NeckTite), the breasts, lower arms, and knees. It can be used for contouring, skin tightening and excess fat removal in all of these areas.

Q: How Effective Is This Treatment?

A: BodyTite may be up to 40 percent more effective in skin-tightening than traditional forms of liposuction. One of the greatest benefits is that the surrounding body tissue is not damaged during the operation.

Only qualified cosmetic surgeons should perform Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction. Dr. Schusterman is certified to use only the best, most innovative technologies available. No matter what type of cosmetic surgery you may require, from facelifts to breast augmentations or implants, you can achieve the body you’ve always dreamed about.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of this liposuction procedure, call us today at 713-794-0368 or schedule a consultation online with Dr. Schusterman today and plan your procedure.

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