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Laser tattoo removal has helped many people get rid of their unwanted tattoo. Many are skeptical at first after trying the creams that claim to remove tattoos but the only difference they see is a loss of money. Laser technology continues to advance and more and more people are giving it a try and seeing excellent results.

How it’s Different


Those who have gotten tattoos are less likely to worry about the pain factor since they were able to get the tattoo in the first place and there is minimal pain associated with laser tattoo removal. Many people compare it to being snapped by a rubber band. This sensation occurs when a highly focused beam of laser light passes through the outer layer of skin and is absorbed by the ink of the tattoo. The light turns the ink into tiny particles and the particles are carried away by the lymphatic system. The newer the equipment is the better your end result will be. There is minimal scarring and the treatment will not change the pigmentation of your skin due to advances in laser technology.

Customized Treatments


One of the many benefits that comes with laser treatments is that they can be customized for each individual person. For example, topical anesthesia can be used if they are uncomfortable during the procedure. The number of sessions also varies from person to person based on their individual tattoo they want removed. In order to completely remove a tattoo, one person may need five treatments, while a person who is trying to get rid of a younger tattoo may need six or seven. An experienced technician who has removed many tattoos can be able to base how many treatments are likely to be needed on how old the tattoo is and what color of ink was used. Once again, advances in laser technology has made it possible to remove all colors of ink.


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