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The first thing people think of when they hear the word ‘liposuction’ is about removing excess fat from the thighs, hips and stomach. Of course, there are the most common spots for liposuction; however, in addition to this, there are other tinier places where lipo can make great differences.

Front of the Underarm

Many people tend to develop excess fat deposits right in front of the upper arm. Though this is an unexpected place for fat deposits, it is rather common and makes people feel very self-conscious about it, especially while wearing sleeveless tops.

Some are rather bothered by the fat in this area as it reduces the transition area between the arms and breasts. With the help of liposuction, it is possible to slim and sculpt away these fatty deposits and thus restore smoothness and definition.

Women’s Upper Back

Women tend to grow conscious about any unsightly ‘bra bulges’ or excess fat that grows obvious because of bra straps digging into the skin. These fat deposits that cause a bra bulge is best removed through liposuction which in the process, leaves a smoother back contour devoid of any lumps and bumps.


Cankles is the area where the calves meet the ankles and has a tendency of developing ugly extra fat deposits with time. It is this excess fat that creates a lack of definition here and in the process, gives a heavy look to the entire leg.

With the help of liposuction, it is possible to effectively sculpt a natural contour of the area which in the process improves the patient’s self-confidence levels. This improved contour of the area gives patients the confidence to wear the skirts, sandals and shorts they could not wear, once again.

Under the Chin

The face tends to look old and tired if there is excess fat in the upper neck region, under the chin. As the fat located here cannot be removed or reduced through diet and exercise, many people turn to liposuction for help at removing this fat and in the process, restore a smoother and younger silhouette to the neck and chin.

This proves that liposuction can be used in practically all parts of the body that accumulates excess fat deposits. It is your doctor who will make the final decision if it is possible or feasible to have this excess fat removed using liposuction or not.

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