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People with dark hair and have pale skin can easily get rid of their unwanted hair using laser hair therapy as all FDA-authorized laser-removal beautician clinics can do it for them. However, those with blond hair who want their unwanted hair removed using lasers should conduct some research to find the best beautician clinics and med spas that offer Houston laser hair removal for blond hair.

Removing blond hair with laser therapy is difficult in beautician clinics and spas that use older technology in their therapies. Some of these clinics and spas thus advise not using laser hair removal to remove unwanted blond hair, and instead, suggest other services to do the same.

It is possible for the growth of hairs of all colors but white hair to be temporarily reduced using laser removal systems. However blond, red and grey haired people do not see much difference in permanent hair reduction using old style systems. These people have to undergo treatments at 1-3 months interval to reap the benefit of the system.

Modern laser systems remove blond hair
Advancements in science has lead to the development of modern laser systems that have a range of light wavelengths and precision. These systems offer more possibilities for advanced laser clinics to tailor a laser hair removal sessions based on a patient’s individual situation.

The choice is made based on the skin color and the color of the hair. Some of these modern systems is the Epilight system, and hybrid systems like ELOS system that merges laser technology with radio waves.

Artificial dying of blond hair
Some med spas and beautician clinics offer the option of artificially dying the hair follicle cells so that people with blond hair have more options and experience improved efficiency in laser hair removal.

Such a pre-laser hair treatment piton is offered in the FDA approved Meladine that is made from naturally occurring compounds found in marine squid ink. This helps enhance the natural melatonin found in hair roots, which in turn lets lasers effectively remove blond hair.

All this proves that Houston laser hair removal can now be used for removing unwanted blond hair. Only thing is that the patient has to do some research, and be choosy about the laser hair removal clinic they approach for their hair removal services.

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