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Skin rejuvenation in Houston is offered through numerous types of procedures that can turn back time and make them look young and refreshed. A photofacial is one of the available skin rejuvenation procedures that many plastic surgeons offer their patients when they have sun damaged skin and age spots. It can also improve skin texture by removing acne scars and reducing large pores. This is a great procedure for those who do not want to have any downtime associated with a cosmetic surgery procedure while still getting optimal results.

Take Advantage of the Numerous Benefits Photofacials Offer

One huge advantage photofacials provide patients is little to no discomfort during the treatment. Patients can jump right back into their normal activities immediately after a treatment that only lasts between 15 to 45 minutes. Patients can speak with their plastic surgeon in Houston to learn how many treatments their skin may take to see results. Some see improvement after only two or three treatments while others may need up to five treatments for optimal results. Every patient is different and a plastic surgeon can personalize their treatment schedule to achieve the desired results.

Photofacial treatments help reduce sun spots, age spots, and sun damaged skin. It can also even the face’s skin tone and give the patient smoother skin. Other benefits photofacials produce include improving dull complexions, uneven pigmentation, large pores, and early signs of aging. A cosmetic surgeon that performs photofacials can help their patients determine if this type of skin rejuvenation treatment will work well with their skin type. Since side effects are rare, and are greatly reduced with minimum sun exposure for several weeks after a treatment, many woman choose this procedure to look younger without having to go through the pain that is a result of more invasive plastic surgery procedures.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform a photofacial Houston to improve the appearance of skin texture, age spots, and sun damaged skin. When considering any type of cosmetic surgery, including facelifts, breast lifts, and breast augmentation in Houston these are the surgeons to choose.

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