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Popping zits are not advisable as they lead to acne scars. However if you have lots of pimples that prove to be irritating and uncomfortable to you, you could consult your cosmetician for acne treatment in Houston.

The cosmetician extracts only the pimples which are ready for extraction as popping a pimple before it is ready leads to scars. You can tell if the pimple is ready for extraction based on the readiness of the whitehead. Basically, the type of acne you suffer from decides if the pimple is ready for extraction.

If the pimple doesn’t have a head, is hard and is still under the skin surface, it means it’s not ready for pimple extraction. If you have cystic acne where there is a large, hard, sensitive and painful pimple under the skin, its better not to touch it. If it does not go in 2 weeks’ time, it has to be extracted after injection of steroids.

Steps for acne scar free extractions

If the pimple is read for pimple extraction, here are some steps to follow for safe and scar free extracting. First, use gentle face soap or cleaning toner to clear the face and pimples.

Next, use scalding hot water to wet a washcloth and place it on the pimple for half a minute. The process of wetting the washcloth and placing it on the pimple has to be repeated 2-4 times. This helps bring the whitehead to the surface as much as possible.

Place two tissues over each pointer finger. There shouldn’t be any sharp nails on your fingers, lest it breaks through your tissue and skin to leave scars.

With the tissue covered fingers, press on each side of the pimple and gently push till the whitehead bursts.

Wipe off the pus that emits from the whitehead, and repeat the whole process again to remove as much pus from the skin.

There may be some bleeding, which is nothing to worry about. Once the pus is wiped off, use some tea tree oil or antibacterial skin agent to wipe the extracted pimple.

Then leave the pimple alone so that it gets air and naturally heals. This type of pimple extraction can be safely carried out as it will not lead to any acne scarring.

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