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Why Choose Texas Center for Breast & Body in Houston?

Deciding to enhance your appearance through plastic surgery is a personal decision. Every Houston plastic surgeon has a different philosophy, approach, and technique. How do you make the decision that’s right for you?

woman floating in water surrounded by blue hydrangeas

Personalized Plastic Surgery Approach

Dr. Schusterman: “Each and every patient deserves my undivided attention. I will do whatever it takes to make the process a safe, pleasant and satisfying experience for you.

From initial consultation through recovery, we strive to consistently provide each patient with the best individual care possible. I begin that process by listening to you, and we encourage our patients to ask as many questions as necessary to make them feel at ease with the plastic surgery process.”

woman in striped bikini standing against wooden wall

Providing Safe, Effective Plastic Surgery

Dr. Schusterman: “Your safety and well-being is my primary concern. As in any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. We are meticulous in our approach to patient care and are committed to excellence.

Excellence doesn’t just happen – excellence requires dedication. As a member of numerous societies, We hold ourselves to the highest standards of practice. We are humbled by the recognition received from our peers by being named – for five straight years – in The Best Doctors in America, an honor bestowed on only 100 American physicians each year.”

Education is Key

Dr. Schusterman: “An educated patient is the best patient, and it’s important for you to make an informed decision. Of course, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you. But first, let us invite you to schedule a consultation to help you determine if plastic surgery is right for you.”