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Many people with a tattoo will at one time or the other in the future, want to get rid of the tattoos. The best, safest and fastest method to do so is through laser tattoo removal. Here are a few tips to help choose the right doctor and the preparation required for the procedure.

With so many tattoo parlors offering tattoo removal services, it is important that you choose to have your tattoo removed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon certified by the board. This is because the though tattoo parlors will be able to remove your tattoo for you, they will not be able to handle any medical complications that may arise after the procedure.

Take a look at before and after pictures

Once your doctor is chosen, hold a consultation with the doctor to understand the procedure, its risks and the necessary after care. It’s better to take a look at any before and after pictures of laser tattoo removal to find out what you can expect after the procedure.

Make sure the procedure is within your budget. Usually a laser treatment costs between $200 to $500 per treatment. Sometimes the tattoo will not get removed within a single treatment; the number of treatments required is decided based on the size and color of the tattoo. As most insurance companies don’t pay for tattoo removal, you will have to pay its entire cost.

Q-switched lasers give minimum scarring

It is necessary that your doctor uses a Q-switched laser for laser tattoo removal as there is minimum chances of scarring here. This fast pulsing laser heats the tattoo ink and not the skin; so there’s not much damage to your skin. As the ink gets heated by the laser, your body’s immune system works at removing the ink.

It is better to have some general anesthesia if the tattoo to be removed is a large one. This is because it is possible to bear the laser treatment for a short period of time. It however becomes uncomfortable when used for removing larger tattoos.

If your tattoo is under clothing, its better to wear loose fitting cloths during your treatment sessions. Moreover, as the tattoo may bleed after treatment, its better to have your doctor cover the affected area using gauze to prevent clothes stains.

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