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Any unwanted hair in any part of the body like legs, chin, bikini line, upper lips, and armpits are best removed using laser hair removal. Laser hair removal in Houston is best done by a reputed and certified doctor with sufficient experience in laser hair removal.

Basically, it is the hair color and skin type that determines the success of laser hair removal. It is most effective on people with light skin and dark hair as the laser targets the melanin pigment found in the hair.

It’s not that people with dark skin shouldn’t undergo laser hair removal; it’s just that the laser beam may affect the skin melanin. Moreover, laser hair removal is not that effective for people with white, gray or blond hair.

Your initial consultation

Before undergoing laser hair removal, you have to have a consultation with the doctor who will review your medical history and medication you use, inform you of the risks, benefits and expectations of laser hair removal, give you an outline of the treatment plan and its costs and also take photos to use in before and after assessment and long term reviews.

The doctor will also give some preparation tips for laser hair removal; you will be advised to stay away from the sun as tens increase the risk of its side effects. However if you have recently had a tan from sun exposure or sunless tanning products, it’s important that you wait till the tan completely fades away before you undergo laser hair removal.

Do’s and don’ts


Don’t pluck, wax or undergo electrolysis before laser hair removal as it only disturbs the hair follicle, and interferes with the procedure. However, studies have shown that shaving before laser hair removal helps improve its results.

There may be some swelling for a few hours after laser hair removal and some stinging sensation that lingers for a day or two. You may also find that the affected skin turns a bit crusty too.

After laser hair removal, you have to gently wash your skin using soap and water and avoid vigorous scrubbing. And for a week after the procedure, make sure you apply some sunscreen whenever you are in the sun.

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