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If you have large breasts that make it uncomfortable to carry out your favorite sports or wear your favorite attire, you could consider reducing its size through breast reduction Houston. With breast reduction surgery, a surgeon makes incisions and removes breast tissue to help reduce its size.

If you are thinking of undergoing breast reduction, it is always better to do so after consulting a plastic surgeon. Discuss your reasons for having a breast reduction, and what you expect to gain from the operation. In exchange, the surgeon will describe what you can expect from the surgery, its possible side effects and how you have to prepare for it.

The physical examination

During the first consultation, the Plastic surgeon Houston will conduct a physical examination, note your medical history and examine and measure your breasts. Your breasts will also be photographed for use as before the operation pictures and can be helpful in making health insurance claims.

If your breasts become tender before periods, don’t have your first consultation during this time. It’s better to have a mammogram taken before the surgery to ensure there is no problem to your undergoing a breast reduction. Moreover, before you consider a breast reduction, remember that breast reduction surgery leaves scars, which can only be hidden with clothing.

Stop smoking

Before the operation, the doctor will instruct you about the food and drinks you can eat before the surgery. You will be advised to avoid medication like aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen and gingko Biloba for two weeks before the operation, to prevent any thinning of the blood.

Smokers have to stop for some smoking for some time before the operation as smoking only reduces the available oxygen content of body tissue. This, in turn, reduces healing time and can increase scarring.

Be ready for blood transfusion

Breast reduction surgery is conducted in the hospital, which you have to reach an hour before the operation. You are then given a general anesthetic to sleep for the two to four hours of the operation. You will have to stay overnight at the hospital after the surgery.

Sometimes, if lots of breast tissue is removed, the doctor may need to have a blood transfusion during or after the operation. In fact, sometimes the doctor may suggest you draw your own blood before the operation and have it banked in case a transfusion is required later on. This is especially important and suggested if you have a rare blood group and may find it difficult to get blood donors if required.

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