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Laser hair removal is pretty straight forward when it comes to what you need to do at home to prepare you for the procedure. When you speak with a plastic surgeon and technician that will be performing the procedure, you will be told exactly what you need to do prior to coming in on procedure day, in addition to what you can do at home to help further and speed up your results.

Avoid Sun Before Laser Hair Removal

First and foremost, avoid the sun and put on sunscreen if you are expecting sun exposure. Tanned skin increases the chances for side effects, including skin lightening. While some lasers are better than others, your plastic surgeon will tell you if they have a newer model that also works on dark skin but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Some will recommend staying away from the sun six weeks prior to laser hair reduction.

Avoid Certain Other Hair Removal Strategies

Another way to help with your laser hair removal is to not wax or pluck hair from the laser hair removal treatment area. Also, electrolysis is another method to stay away from as it, as well as the other mentioned techniques, can disturb the hair follicle which interferes with the laser hair removal Houston.

Ask About Shaving

Generally, shaving is still an approved hair removal technique prior to laser hair removal. In fact, it may be encouraged since it does not affect the hair shaft and follicle. Some studies have shown that it can improve the effects of laser hair removal. Just to be on the safe side, as your doctor who will be performing the procedure to see if it is something they recommend.

Whatever your doctor recommends, the more closely you follow their instructions the more likely you will achieve better results. If you are not able to or are not motivated enough to avoid the sun and certain hair removal techniques then laser hair removal may not be the right thing for you.


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