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Plastic surgery can be an exciting time for a man or woman. At the same time, there may be some apprehension. We hope to expel these negative emotions by providing you with a comfortable atmosphere and specialized care. In order to do this, we are open to answering any questions about what to expect during surgery and how to care for yourself after it. There are a few things you can do to better prepare yourself for your surgery.

Mental Preparation

One of the best things you can do for yourself is mentally prepare for your cosmetic surgery. To do this, we will provide pamphlets for you to go over to learn more about the procedure you are about to undergo. We also answer any questions you have so when it is time for surgery there are no surprises.

The day before your surgery can be the most nerve racking. Deep breathing and meditation is advised, or watching a light-hearted comedy. The goal is to exhume any tension your body has to avoid high blood pressure.

Prepare for Post-Surgery Care

Arrange for somebody close to you to take you home. Even better, have a close friend or family member stay with you a few days post-surgery to support you while your body is adjusting. It does not have to be your partner, but as long as they are strong and capable to care for you then you can feel better knowing there is somebody to support you during this sensitive time.

Gather a collection of good books, movies, magazines, soft pillows, and healthy food for your recuperation period. Have everything you need to rest comfortably and let your body heal from your plastic surgery. Clear your schedule so you do not feel the need to leave your home before the surgeon has said you should. Caring for your body should be your number one concern post-surgery.

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