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Laser tattoo removal has always been the preferred mode of tattoo removal. Science and technology is always advancing, and with it, advancements have also been made in laser tattoo removal. The latest technique used for Houston laser tattoo removal today is the Q-switch.

Laser tattoo removal is offered in hair removal clinics, dermatologists’ office, in day spas, med spas and by cosmetic surgeons. The other names used for laser tattoo removal are laser therapy, pulsed light and Q-switch. Q-switch is obviously offered in the modern clinics and spas that perform these services.

Q-switch benefits
The difference between Q-switch and the first lasers used for laser tattoo removal is that the first lasers used to emit a continuous stream of light while the beam produced by Q-switch is a pulsed one that gives a much higher output than continuous wave beams.

Pulsed beams are better for Houston laser tattoo removal as they are more effective, give similar results with fewer sessions and are less painful than the first lasers. Moreover, pulsed beams tend to cause less damage and burns to the skin. All the patient experiences is a rubber band snapping against the skin during the laser tattoo removal process.

Laser removal process
It is with the help the body’s immune system naturally removing body impurities that lasers make the tattoos fade with time. The laser shatters tattoo ink into small particles so that they are quickly and easily cleared by the body’s lymphatic system, without any harm to the body.

The effects of Houston laser tattoo removal are better with dark ink which is why red and black ink is more easily removed than yellow and green ink. Houston laser tattoo removal generally takes 3-6 sessions at a space of 6-8 weeks to remove tattoos.

A gap of 6-8 weeks is necessary between laser tattoo removal sessions to reduce the chances of burning and skin damage, and also lets tattoo ink break up and fade over the time period.

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