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Laser tattoo removal may seem like a straightforward process for doctors to perform. However, there are some important questions to ask during your consultation. Choosing the right place for the treatment and doctor can make a difference on how the experience is for you and the final results.

There are some things you can ask a surgeon when thinking about removing a tattoo. First, ask how many tattoos they have removed and how long they have offered this kind of service. While all doctors have to start somewhere, it can make a difference in their results. If they have not removed a lot of tattoos ask what types of tattoos they have removed. If they have experience removing different types of tattoos it increases the chances of successfully removing yours without further complications.

Ask if they own the laser equipment they use for tattoo removal treatments. Clinics that do not perform many laser tattoo removals may rent the equipment. Doctors that own the equipment are likely to have more experience removing tattoos and will better understand the equipment so they use it properly.

A cosmetic surgeon or doctor that performs laser tattoo removal treatments should have before and after photos available to look at to see how they have helped patients in the past. It will show you the quality of their services and is a huge warning sign if they have no photos to offer. These photos can also help you determine what kind of expectations you should realistically have and what types of tattoos and skin types work better with this procedure.

You can ask what other types of laser services they provide to know how often they work with laser equipment. The more experience they have can give you more peace of mind knowing they have a high level of expertise and understand how to remove different types of tattoos. Doctors who can answer all of these questions and show proof of their work are better choices for patients who want to get rid of one or more tattoos.

Bella Rosa, a Houston MedSpa, performs laser tattoo removal treatments while taking great care of the patients surrounding skin. They also offer Botox injections and sclerotherapy in Houston, TX.

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