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Your plastic surgeon will have numerous consultations throughout the week and knows what is expected of them during this time. However, this may be your first visit and you are not sure what questions you need to ask to ensure you have chosen the right surgeon and procedure for your body. Remember that no question is stupid since you are talking about your health and body.

Know Your Doctor

Always ensure the surgeon you choose is board-certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. They may be board-certified in something unrelated to plastic surgery so it is important to make this distinction. Even if you have found out that they are a board-certified surgeon prior to your visit it does not hurt asking them this in person, as well as their educational and professional experience.

Ask for their safety rate and success rate. Many of them keep specific records and will give you a percentage for each.

Learn More About the Procedure

The more information you know about the surgery you are getting the better off you will be. Find out how long the procedure takes from start to finish and if you have the option of general anesthesia or local sedation. Ask what you can expect after surgery and discuss how much pain you are likely to be in, how long you are to stay in the hospital, and when you can resume normal activities.

Understand the Risks

You will have to decide if the risks associated with the procedure is worth it to you. Ask what side effects are common, such as bruising and swelling. Also discuss complications that are rare but possible. Inquire about what effects the surgery may have for activities in the future, such as breastfeeding, having children, or loss of erection.

A professional plastic surgeon will be able to answer all of these questions in ways you can understand. If needed, discuss their payment options and set up financing, as well as discounts given for multiple procedures.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgical Center are experts in the disciplines of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Houston.  In addition to providing their patients with tummy tucks, Makeover for Moms and SmartLipo laser liposuction, they are leaders in the TRAM flap procedure for Houston breast reconstruction and breast augmentation Houston.

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