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Endoscopic breast implantation is often chosen by women who are concerned about the scars that would be left behind after a traditional breast augmentation but this type of procedure is not limited to just them. While surgeons do their best to hide scars this new method can erase those fears so only the woman who has had the surgery knows about it.

What is Endoscopic Breast Surgery?

Surgeons use an endoscope to perform the procedure. An endoscope is a tubular probe that has a tiny camera and bright light. This probe is inserted into a small incision and the surgeon uses a viewing screen that magnifies the transmitted images to view throughout the surgery. This helps surgeons position the Houston breast implants into the chest wall so women are given better placement of their implants.

What are its Benefits?

Women benefit from this procedure because only a few incisions are needed and each incision is less than one inch long. The incisions are usually located in the underarm or navel. Furthermore, women who choose endoscopic breast implantation often experience needing less time to recover.

Women who simply want less scarring are not the only ones that can benefit from endoscopic breast surgery. Women who currently have implants can choose this procedure because surgeons are able to correct capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue forms around an implant and causes it to be firm. It also allows the surgeon to evaluate existing breast implants in the patient.

How to Learn More about Endoscopic Breast Implantation

If you are interested in endoscopic breast surgery it is highly recommended to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon as it is a relatively new procedure today. Your surgeon can discuss exactly how the procedure works, why other women prefer it over traditional breast augmentations, and what results you can expect post-surgery. The more you know about this procedure the better off you will be.

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