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A breast augmentation Houston may seem like an easy decision for a woman but once you start getting into the details it becomes more obvious that a lot of thought goes into this procedure. Sadly, women who have not carefully thought out this decision often find that they are unhappy with their implants and have a second surgery to have them removed. While this cannot always be avoided, there are some questions to ask yourself to help prevent feeling unsatisfied with the way your body looks after a breast enlargement.

Be True to Yourself

Honesty can go a long way when it comes to choosing whether or not you want breast enlargement surgery. Instead of lying to yourself and thinking of an excuse you want others to hear you need to truly know why you want this surgery. If you think larger breasts will mean you will find a rich husband, get you a job promotion, or will make life easier then you are likely to be disappointed with the actual results. While you may be more confident and therefore your life changes in certain areas, this positive outcome will not last and regret may start to creep into your thoughts.

If your spouse wished you had larger breasts that does not mean that you need to get a breast enlargement, especially if you are happy with the size of your natural breasts. You may instead opt for a breast lift, after considering the advantages of a breast lift vs. breast implants.

The only reason you should get a breast enlargement is because you are unhappy and want to look more feminine with a curvier silhouette than you have now. Getting a breast enlargement for someone else often ends with a breast reduction to return to your natural breast size at some point in the future, which means more risk and more money being spent.

Listen to a Plastic Surgeon in Houston

The best plastic surgeons will not perform surgery on you if you do not give them a valid reason for a breast enlargement. They want to protect you and ensure you are healthy and satisfied after the surgery. Listen to their advice and take it into consideration before setting an appointment to go ahead with breast enlargement surgery.


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