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A breast reduction is usually an easy decision for a woman who is experiencing back pain caused from having large breasts. However, there are some reasons they should wait for their breast reduction. Whether you have recently lost weight and want your breasts to be a proportionate size, are experiencing back pain, or are just generally unhappy with your large breasts a plastic surgeon will ask you questions to determine if it is the right time for you to undergo this surgery.

Most plastic surgeons will not perform breast reduction surgery on teenage girls or young women who are still experiencing breast development. It is best to allow the breasts to grow naturally so surgeons can determine how much to remove so the breasts are the desired size. This also allows time for the woman’s body to grow accustomed to its breast size.

Current Family Situation
Women in their childbearing years may want to consider postponing breast reduction surgery until they have decided they do not want any more children. This is not a requirement but breastfeeding and pregnancy have unpredictable results on the size and shape of breasts, which can effect any surgery you have had in the past. Many women still opt to have breast reduction surgery now and again after giving birth but those on a limited budget may want to consider what two different surgeries would cost. Always discuss if you want to breastfeed in the future with your plastic surgeon prior to your breast reduction.

Cosmetic Versus Medical
Postponing a breast reduction may not always be an option. For example, women who are experiencing skin irritation underneath the fold of their breasts or chronic back pain will want to improve their health now rather than waiting a few years. If anything, a second surgery may be needed later in life after having children or after your breasts are fully developed. The best way to determine when is the right time for you to get a breast reduction is to speak with your doctor and a plastic surgeon.

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