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Houston breast reconstruction using implants is one choice women have after a mastectomy. Not every woman is a good candidate for this procedure, including those that continue to need radiation therapy. However, it is easy to determine if this breast reconstruction method will work for you so you can decide if it is what you want to do. When looking at all of your choices, there are a few reasons women have chosen this method for them.

A plastic surgeon will discuss what options a woman has after a mastectomy. Women have chosen implants for their reconstruction because it was the easiest procedure for them, especially those that have had a double mastectomy. The TRAM flap is a long and invasive surgery that some women are uninterested or simply do not have a lot of tummy fat to reconstruct two breasts.

One major reason women choose implants for their breast reconstructive surgery is because they can leave the hospital with the implants or expandable shell already in place. This lets them avoid another surgery and they can feel more normal when they walk out of the hospital. Women who are athletic or often wear tighter clothes often want to keep their feminine body and choose to have the implants inserted during their mastectomy surgery.

Women that had breast implants before their breast cancer diagnoses often choose to use implants for their reconstruction. They have the “pockets” in their breast tissue so the implants can easily fit in after their mastectomy. This is often an easy decision for women who have already had breast implants in the past.

Choosing the right breast reconstructive surgery for you is a big decision to make. Even if you are undecided it can be very beneficial to speak with a plastic surgeon to go over your options. Although many women choose to have implants inserted directly after their mastectomy that does not mean that is the only time it can be done and a decision does not need to be made right away.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform mastectomy reconstruction using implants to help women get back their femininity and self-esteem. They provide cosmetic treatments in addition to their reconstructive procedures, such as Houston laser hair removal, tummy tuck, and breast implants Houston.

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