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Laser tattoo removal treatment can help those who have an unwanted tattoo. Just like getting the tattoo, it should be a serious decision when it comes time to removing it. There are a variety of clinics that offer this type of treatment and since it is relatively painless more and more people are finding it as a good solution for them.

One major benefit to laser tattoo removal is that the lasers are incredibly effective at breaking down the ink. Light green and blue-green, teal, and turquoise are notoriously the most stubborn colors of ink. Luckily, experienced doctors are able to remove all types of tattoos with multiple treatments.

Getting rid of a tattoo should only have minor side effects when patients choose a reputable clinic or medspa. The most common side effects people experience include minor redness and swelling. Some people have blistering for up to a week after a treatment but this is part of the natural healing process and helps extract the ink from the skin. With newer equipment there is almost no risk of scarring. To avoid scarring, ask how old the equipment is and avoid models that are from the 1970s and 1980s.

Although there are alternatives to laser tattoo removal treatment, they either do not work or bring unnecessary risks. Dermabrasion, cryosurgery, and excision used to be the only choices available to get rid of a tattoo but scarring is much more common with these methods. Non-medical tattoo removal creams can cost hundreds of dollars without providing any results. Instead of wasting money it is best to choose laser tattoo removal in the first place.

The final reason to get laser tattoo removal is because of its reasonable price. The cost of each session depends on how large the tattoo is but many medspas and clinics offer affordable prices for any budget. On average, patients pay a couple hundred dollars per session.

Bella Rosa, a Houston MedSpa, performs laser tattoo removal treatments for men and women with different skin tones. They also offer laser hair removal for smooth skin and Botox in Hoston to give patients a youthful appearance.

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