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After a breast augmentation, some women may want to jump back into their normal daily activities as soon as possible. However, there are risks if you do too much too early. Taking care of yourself is still important but it is also vital that you take things one step at a time so your body can adjust and heal.

Activities Allowed Immediately Following Breast Augmentation Surgery
One of the most important things you can do for your body as soon as your breast augmentation surgery is complete is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Your body needs water to heal and it is the first step to take before you can do other things.

Heavy foods will not make your body stronger in a faster amount of time. Instead, eat lightly and gradually progress to your normal diet. Your surgeon or doctor will provide you with a list of foods they recommend you eat immediately after surgery until you feel you are ready to add foods as the days go on.

Anything that requires you to move your arms above your head should be avoided for the first few days as it will be extremely painful. Wear button-down shirts to avoid having to do this to dress. Any other movement can also be uncomfortable but you can exercise in other ways, such as going for walks or riding a stationary bike. Start slow and do not push yourself.

Activities You Can Do When You are Pain Free
Driving must be avoided when you are taking prescription pain medicines and still in pain. You should not fear having to stop suddenly since this would be painful immediately following breast surgery.

Going back to work can also be done after a few days for those who do not do strenuous activities. You know your body best and can determine when you feel ready to go to work, get back on the elliptical machine, and so on. Listen to your body and know that you will gradually be able to do more things without experiencing pain.


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