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Houston Smartlipo makes it possible for men and women to get liposuction without going through the traditional way that is harder on the body. Whether you want help losing the last few pounds you still have on your hips, stomach, or thighs or you have gained a few extra pound over the years, this procedure can give you the shape you want. Smartlipo is not a weight loss solution. In order for it to benefit you, it may be required for you to lose weight through diet and exercise in order for it to give you the results you want.

Smartlipo Benefits

Smartlipo triplex is one of the laser technologies that many people have found beneficial in the plastic surgery industry. Like other laser procedures, it is not as rough on the body compared to traditional liposuction, but that is only one of its benefits. It is a minimally invasive surgery that targets body fat in just one procedure. The amount of time a treatment takes is less than traditional liposuction, and you will require less recovery time.

Smartlipo will not leave you with sagging or dimpling skin. This will make patients look younger and leaner since the procedure tightens tissue after it melts away the fat. This fact alone makes it look much more appealing than traditional liposuction.

Smartlipo Treatment Areas

We all know how easy it is to have love handles by simply aging or slacking on the exercise. Houston liposuction helps get rid of your muffin top, as well as remove body fat from your stomach, thighs, neck, chest, back, face, and jowls.

With the quick recovery time, smart lipo is the procedure to choose if you have an upcoming event, such as a high school reunion or party that you want to look good at. Your plastic surgeon will discuss how long you can expect to need to recover after the procedure, which can depend on how many areas you get treated.


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