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Smart Lipo laser body sculpting is very exciting new technology, similar to Houston Bodytite, that more and more men and women are discovering and choosing over traditional liposuction. As new technology emerges people are finding new ways to look their best when diet and exercise are not enough. Although obese patients and those with other health problems may not be good candidates for SmartLipo it does open the door for a wider range of candidates because this procedure is less intense than other options.

SmartLipo Versus Traditional Liposuction

Do not automatically assume that SmartLipo is just one notch above traditional liposuction. It comes with many other benefits that people are finding hard to resist. Laser liposuction, Houston, TX, melts away the fat and requires much smaller incisions than what traditional liposuction needs. Therefore, men and women experience a faster recovery time since their body has less to recover from.

Smartlipo laser body sculpting is just as great as it sounds. Traditional liposuction does not truly sculpt your body while removing fat. In fact, some have had dimpling skin after traditional liposuction that everyone would rather avoid. With SmartLipo, it tightens tissue as it permanently eliminates fat cells to improve your body shape of the treated area. Patients can see that SmartLipo is much more effective when it comes to sculpting a body.

Ideal Candidates for the SmartLipo Body Sculpting Procedure

As you can imagine, when men and women learn that Smart Lipo tightens tissue after melting away the fat they are immediately interested in the procedure. The good news is that because the procedure is much less traumatic on the body than traditional liposuction then more people fit within its health requirements. However, plastic surgeons Houston will recommend overly obese patients to change their diet and exercise more to see how their body responds so they are healthier for the procedure. Older patients that did not want to put their body through a rough surgery are able to reconsider with SmartLipo and get a younger looking body with less risk.

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