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Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery seems similar but the sole purpose of this surgery differs. Cosmetic surgery is a branch of medical science, which focuses on enhancing the appearance of a human body. It is performed on almost all body parts like skin, hair etc. This body parts are fully functional but lacks beauty. Some consider this surgery elective or unnecessary or non-essential. On the other hand, plastic surgery focuses on reconstruction of defects in human body. These defects may be due to genetic disorders, burns, accident or diseases.

Differentiating cosmetic and plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery treatment enhances appearance. It is a branch of medicine, which includes various specializations like dermatology, gynecology, ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery and many other. One of the main specialization of it is plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery procedures reconstruct the defect in the human body but appearance is not an important part of it. In this surgery, treatment is used in cases of trauma, cancer, infection, or diseases, while cosmetic surgery is simply used to look good on aesthetic level. Even doctors can be differentiated depending upon, certification, training and experience. A board certified plastic surgeon means he is specialist in plastic surgery but in case of cosmetic surgeon it is not same but that does not mean cosmetic surgeon is less trained and experienced than plastic surgeon as they could be general surgeon, dermatologist etc.

Procedures under these surgeries

Under these surgeries, the procedures done are abdominoplasty, lip enhancement, buttock lift, mammoplasty, cryolipolysis, labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, ginoplasty, orthognathic surgery, liposuction, and various other. In plastic surgery, major procedure done is on skin. The skin grafting is very common and skin can be taken from same body or from a donor body. Most surgeries related to cosmetics require specialists who are trained in special procedures. Various certification and training differentiate these surgeons.

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