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A tummy tuck has helped many women over the years get back the body they had before children. Although some are fortunate enough to not need help getting rid of the baby belly, others find that their stomach’s skin and muscles are too stretched out and are unable to lose the extra inches off their abdomen. When this is the case, abdominoplasty is the answer.

Even Busy Moms can Get Abdominoplasty

If you are a mom to one of more children you may believe that you simply do not have the time to get surgery and rest during the required downtime. Unless you are expected to do heavy lifting or other strenuous activities that the kids require from you then you can take advantage of getting abdominoplasty without risking having complications develop throughout the following weeks. Many moms are able to find the help they need throughout the recovery period through their husband, friends, and family members so they can gradually get back to their usual activities.

If you are worried you will have to stay in the hospital for multiple nights after tummy tuck surgery you will be pleased to know that some women go home the same day of surgery while others may only need an overnight stay. You can speak with your plastic surgeon to determine what they recommend in order to make the proper arrangements.

Prior to Getting a Tummy Tuck

There are not many women who would not benefit from a tummy tuck. However, your future plans can be the deciding factor on when you get the surgery. If you are planning on having future children it is best to wait until you have finished childbearing so your stomach muscles and skin do not stretch out again. If you do get pregnant, the work the surgeon did during your tummy tuck may not last and a second surgery will be needed. Just be honest with yourself so you make the right decision on when it is the right time for abdominoplasty.


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