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Bariatric surgery or obesity surgery should be resorted to only if a person is more than 100 pounds overweight, and needs extreme weight loss but finds it difficult to exercise because of their obesity.

Bariatric surgery is a major surgery, and has its share of complications and side effects. They mainly arise because of the patient’s obesity related health problems and the new diet followed after surgery.

Most people who undergo stomach stapling get nausea for a few months because of the new eating habits they develop. There are some who get stomach upsets because of insufficient fluids after the operation. This can be rectified by drinking at least two liters of water everyday.

Then there is a risk of infection like in any other surgery. However the most notable complication that arises after lap band procedure is loose skin. This can however get received through body lifts.

Body reconditioning will not help as the skin goes through too much stress to return to its original state. Once the ideal weight is reached, and weight remains stable for at least a year, then it is better to use the services of a competent cosmetic surgeon to remove all this loose skin.

Variations of cosmetic procedures
The amount of skin to be removed after weight loss surgery depends on the amount of weight lost and the amount of loose skin there is. While minor surgery with small scars is enough in most patients, others may need major surgery with large scars.

The common cosmetic procedures performed after bariatric surgery are face and neck lift, thigh and buttock lift, breast lift, upper arm lift, lower body lift and back roll removal. Not everyone who undergoes weight loss surgery need to have all these cosmetic procedures done.

Some need only one or two, while others may need most or all the surgeries as a total body lift. Then there are some people who need to undergo one or two of these procedures, with some liposuction because of more controlled weight loss and better adjustment of skin.

Recovery from all these surgeries will take a few weeks, and has its share of infection, swelling and scars. However once all this is over, the patient knows it was all well worth it when they see the new body the surgeries produce.

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