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One of the best machines to use for lipolysis today is the SmartLipo triplex by Cynosure. This machine is the most advanced laser assisted lipolysis machine as its delivery system is a combination of three wavelengths.

The SmartLipo triplex by Cynosure uses MultiPlex technology to combine three wavelengths into a single laser output. When compared to other single wavelength lasers, this machine offers 20 times better fat absorption. The laser beam from this machine is of three wavelengths; 1064-nm, 1320-nm and 1440-nm.

Two wavelengths fire in sequence to liquefy the patient’s fat and to tighten the skin through collagen stimulation. The third laser is a 1,440-nm wavelength laser that enhances the disruption of fatty tissue. Moreover, when the 1,064-nm and 1,320-nm wavelengths are combined, body tissue is tightened through tissue coagulation.

Benefits of the machine

The benefit of using the SmartLipo in Houston machine for liposuction is that it gives an improved lipolysis experience, better tissue coagulation and skin tightening, reduced treatment time, lower downtime and offers better sculpting capabilities through 3D sculpting of abdominal and chest muscles.

By blending lasers of 1,320-nm and 1,064-nm wavelengths, it can be used to treat areas of skin laxity, for broad tissue heating through coagulation and for treating smaller treatment areas like the face and neck. This combination laser produces reduced bleeding and bruising.

A blend of 1,440-nm and 1,064-nm lasers offers better disruption of fatty tissues for faster treatments, high definition body sculpting, faster recovery with its targeted heating and less bleeding and bruising too.

Intelligent delivery system

An additional feature of the SmartLipo is that it is equipped with an intelligent delivery system. This system prevents overtreatment, minimizes complications and helps your surgeon determine your end points through integrated temperature and motion sensing.

The intelligent delivery system consists of three parts:

1. ThermaGuide has a thermal sensing cannula to use for measuring and setting temperature to a safe and optimal point in the subcutaneous regions of the body.

2. SmartLipo Triplex is much better than traditional liposuction in terms of its ease and speed of use and for improved fat reduction. With the subcutaneous fat layers heated up before suctioning, fat removal is faster and less painful.

3. ThermaView thermal camera system measures the skin surface temperature to provide and ensure homogeneous delivery of thermal energy to a fixed temperature setting.

Looking at the benefits of the SmartLipo triplex by Cynosure, make sure you get your Houston liposuction done by the same machine for faster and better results.

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