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Smartlipo is one of the various lipo technologies used for eliminating small areas of unwanted fat. It is less invasive than standard liposuction procedures, with a shorter recovery period.

Smartlipo basically uses a laser fiber to remove fat from regions like the face, abdomen and flanks. While standard liposuction aspirates a solid substance through a small cannula, Smartlipo melts the fatty tissue to aspirate fat with a milk shake consistency.

Smartlipo is thus less traumatic and invasive when compared to regular lipo as a smaller cannula is used for the procedure. This is because fat is melted and removed in the liquid and not solid form. Moreover, blood vessels are cauterized to ensure less bleeding and collagen production stimulated to tighten skin in the first few weeks of recovery.

Not for weight loss purposes
Smartlipo is not used as a weight loss option; it is used for reducing the last few nagging pounds in men and women. This is why the ideal candidate is generally a person with a good physical shape, and who is hale and healthy.

Smartlipo comes with a shorter recovery time as there is no need of any IV or general sedation before the procedure; local anesthetic is more than enough. Moreover, to reduce swelling and to induce a quicker recovery, doctors generally suggest post op massage therapy.
When compared to other forms of liposuction, Smartlipo is considerably cheaper, and starts from $5000. This is because the procedure can be performed in a minor procedure room and not necessarily in the main OR, without any anesthesiologist.
You decide your recovery period
While different patients recover at different paces after their Smartlipo session, it is generally recommended to take a weeks off from work and do light activity for a fortnight. Generally, the smaller is the treated surface area, the quicker is the recovery period. In most cases, the doctor will also suggest wearing a foam garment for at least 3 weeks after surgery.

How long a Smartlipo session lasts depends on your hands. The healthier and more active is your lifestyle, the longer will the results last. If you don’t watch your diet and do regular exercise, don’t be surprised if you return to your original physique in no time at all.

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