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A wonderful way to say goodbye to cellulite is SmartLipo with a Houston plastic surgeon. It is very helpful with body contouring in Houston as it helps remove the fat that just won’t come off with diet and exercise.

SmartLipo in Houston has grown in popularity over the years because of the many benefits it offers. Compared to other plastic surgery options, laser liposuction is performed with minimum swelling, bleeding and bruising. The reason for these improvements in this surgical option is that the laser quickly seals off small blood vessels, which consequently helps prevent bleeding.

The procedure

Houston plastic surgeons use a small 1-2 mm long tube to send the SmartLipo laser into the skin. This tube is then pulled back and forth to convert the fat into oil which is eventually naturally absorbed and removed by the body through the lymphatic system.

It is possible to get rid of cellulite with a 45 minute session of Houston liposuction surgery. The procedure is performed under partial anesthesia, which facilitates a faster recovery time. This means that you can return to your regular work and routine within a short time of your cosmetic surgery.

Your Houston plastic surgeon will however suggest wearing compression clothes after the laser liposuction procedure for some time because though results are quite evident within a few days of the procedure the best results of the surgical procedure will be experienced only after a few months of wearing compression clothing.

Only disadvantage

Houston liposurgery provides a great solution for getting rid of cellulite forever because cellulite seldom reappears after the surgery as fat cells are stretched in the body after laser liposuction and not dumped into the skin. ¬†It is, however, not an obesity treatment; it is for reshaping those areas that just don’t respond to diet and exercise.


The best plastic surgeons in Houston are at MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center. Besides SmartLipo they are expert in Makeovers For Moms, laser hair removal, and breast augmentation Houston.

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