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Many people, especially women tend to pile up fat on the upper arm area as they grow old. In fact, there are quite a few women who start piling up fat here at a very young age too; making it practically impossible and embarrassing for them to wear sleeveless clothes. No matter how much of exercise, diet and gym sessions they do, they find little benefit in terms of upper arm fat.

However, there is some respite today for all those women and men out there with upper arm fat in the form of Smartlipo triplex in Houston. An upper arm Smartlipo triplex session rapidly removes all this fat and corrects sagginess in a short time.

Slimmer and supple arms

While removing the upper fat, the surgeon ensures that a slender layer of fat remains, so that your arm does not look masculine or abnormal. Instead, your arms look slimmer, supple and smoother than before.

Smartlipo triplex is a much better option than traditional liposuction as it entails small incisions, is a safe procedure with less pain and scarring, has no drooping skin and ensures a quick recovery.

Three wavelengths

It is because the Smartlipo Triplex workstation works using three separate wavelengths that this is all possible. by adjusting between these three wavelengths, your surgeon can choose the right wavelength for your fat removal needs so that there is minimal bleeding and bruising.

In addition to this, the workstation’s SmartSense and ThermaGuide features, along with greater power potential ensures your skin does not get heated in the process, reduces downtime and provides effectual lipolysis.

With the help of a reputable Smartlipo plastic surgeon in Houston, TX, you could combine your upper arm liposuction procedure with Smartlipo Triplex treatments for other areas of excess fat. Then finally, you can finally start wearing all those sleeveless tops and swimsuits you had kept hidden all these years!

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