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A medspa in Houston helps men and women turn back time and appear younger. Juvederm does just that by restoring volume and smoothing the wrinkles away around the nose and mouth. This area starts to wrinkle and droop with age and everyone is affected by it. Luckily, plastic surgeons have developed safe treatments to combat this wrinkle-prone area. Speaking with a plastic surgeon is the best way to learn about this type of procedure, look at before and after photographs, and determine if a person is a good candidate for Juvederm in Houston.

“Laughlines” is a nice way to talk about the folds and wrinkles a person commonly has around their nose and mouth. However, they are not exactly something a person likes to show off. Juvederm is a temporary treatment that replaces hyaluronic acid with its natural forumula of hyaluronic acid to restore volume and smooth wrinkles. This helps the area regain its structure to give a more youthful appearance.

Juvederm has almost immediate results and does not require any down time for patients. This allows them to go about their normal business right after a treatment. There are two different types of formulas patients can choose from. A plastic surgeon at a medpsa in Houston can talk about the differences between Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus, which works well on deeper wrinkles and folds. Juvederm treatments last six months to a year, while some touch-ups may be required to prolong the desired results.

When it comes to looking younger, both men and women can speak with a cosmetic surgeon to determine what treatments will benefit them the most. Juvederm is a great way to look younger without having to commit to a permanent plastic surgery procedure. Juvederm in Houston is a simple treatment that will smooth away the “parenthesis” that forms around the nose and mouth. Patients who are interested in the treatment can speak with a reputable plastic surgeon to see if they are ideal candidates and will benefit from Juvederm.

The best plastic surgeons in Houston at Bella Rosa MedSpa can help men and women reduce their wrinkles and look younger. Other skin rejuvenation treatments they perform include chemical peels and Houston Botox.

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