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Breast augmentation is a procedure over half a million of women undergo every year, with continued improvements over the years. In fact, the success rate for the surgery is very high now, with minimal complications.

However despite all this, it is important that you keep your eyes wide open during the surgery as it involves bandages, incisions, anesthetics and healing, and thus is not something to be taken lightly. Moreover, there is its recovery process you have to think about.

Like most surgeries, rest and relaxation is very important during breast augmentation recovery. It is better to have a friend or loved one on hand to take care of you for the first 24 or 48 hours after the surgery and to drive you home from the hospital.

A very noticeable change you will recognize after the surgery is frequent changes in your emotions as like most women, you will experience various feelings about your new breasts ranging from elation to regret. This is normal, and nothing to worry about as it passes with time.

Physically, breast implant surgery requires a few weeks of healing in most cases where the common recovery symptoms are skin tightness and redness, sensitivity of nipples, numbness and discomfort after incisions and difficulty holding down antibiotics. Moreover, the new breast implants Houston may not ‘drop’ for a few weeks or months after the surgery.

When Can You Drive After Breast Augmentation?

As most women drive today, a common question in women who undergo breast augmentation is how long you should wait to start driving.

3 Considerations for Driving After Breast Augmentation

There are 3 things which factor the decision, and which you should know.

  1. As your wounds are delicate, you need someone to drive you home from the hospital or doctor’s surgery after the surgery. Be careful driving as the wounds are recently stitched, and are vulnerable to all types of jarring movements.
  2. Do not exercise for a fortnight including running, having sex, swimming, jogging, picking up toddlers and even driving.
  3. You can driving after breast augmentation within 2-4 weeks; your doctor will be able to tell you exactly when you can start driving.

Generally, the recovery after breast augmentation is not bad as you have the satisfaction of knowing you have finally got the breasts you always wanted. Moreover, modern methods and medicine means the experience need not be painful. Just be ready to wait for the wounds to heal, and avoid driving for at least two weeks after surgery.

For more information about breast augmentation, contact Dr. Schusterman’s office online or call us at 713-794-0368.

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