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A plastic surgeon Houston will make a huge difference in how satisfied you are with your surgery. At MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgical Center, we want to make the full experience a positive one as soon as you contact us. We want men and women to feel confident about the way they look and to do this, we continue to better ourselves.


Choosing a plastic surgeon in Houston can be overwhelming. In order to make this process easier for you, many have websites that detail the surgeries they perform and some pricing information. While this is a great way to look at your options, it is always advised that you do not make any decision until you consult with the plastic surgeon who would be performing your surgery.

We are a professional team that listens to your needs and expectations so we can determine what cosmetic surgery you would benefit from the most. A plastic surgeon has to understand the structure of the body, as well as know the special care each patient needs in order to be comfortable. You do not want to choose a surgeon who is highly qualified but has no empathy toward his patients.

Also, ensure that the plastic surgeon you choose has the experience performing the type of surgery you want. You will want to see before and after photos, as well as know how many surgeries like yours they have performed in the past. Never hesitate asking questions regarding your health and safety. The ideal plastic surgeon will be able to answer these questions confidently.

Choose for Yourself

Compassion and caring are traits you need to look for in a plastic surgeon. When you consult with them regarding your expectations, you need to feel comfortable to ask them questions and feel confident that they. As plastic surgeons, we put our patients’ needs as a top priority throughout the complete process

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