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Having unwanted hair can be a problem to both men and women. Though it is possible to remove this hair by shaving, waxing or tweezing; they all give only temporary results. Moreover, they can be carried out only in small areas; this is why many people resort to using laser hair removal for the removal of unwanted hair.

With laser hair removal Houston, unwanted body hair is permanently removed using the light energy of laser. It can be used to remove both small and large areas of unwanted hair from the body. It is basically those with light skin and dark and coarse hair who see the best results through laser hair removal

Uncomfortable but not painful

A typical session of laser hair removal can last between a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the area of hair being removed. Though uncomfortable, the procedure is not that painful.

And if there is any redness or swelling after removal of hair, it usually disappears in a short time. In fact, people usually resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

During laser hair removal, the area where hair is to be removed is first shaved and cleaned, after which anesthetic cream is applied. Then, the laser that produces pulsed beams of highly concentrated light is produced. It is this light that is absorbed by the pigments in the affected hair follicles, that leads to the damage of surrounding follicle and thus, removal of hair.

Possible complications

It is important that laser hair removal is carried out by an experienced person, to ensure that the chances of its risks occurring are greatly reduced. There are not many side effects or risks associated with laser hair removal.

Some common complications of laser hair removal are darkening or lightening or perhaps some burning or blistering of the treated skin. As there is a greater chance of people with darker skin experiencing changes in pigmentation after laser hair removal, they should not tan before undergoing laser hair removal.

A single treatment of laser hair removal is usually not sufficient to get rid of unwanted hair. You have to undergo 4-6 sessions to remove hair from any one area. Laser hair removal is usually repeated at monthly intervals to ensure the complete eradication of unwanted hair from a person’s body. This is because as normal hair growth takes place after a few months’ time, there is a chance of some hair re-growing on the treated region.

Disclaimer: *Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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