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Botox injections have a lot of misconceptions based primarily on events that have happened when amateurs have tried giving the injections or when it was done in an environment that was not sterile. Botox needs to be treated like any other cosmetic procedure, which means a licensed professional should be giving the treatment in a sterile doctor’s office. Men and women that can find truthful information that separates fact from fiction can easily find that Botox is a safe procedure with many benefits.

Fact Versus Fiction
Surfing the Internet will lead many curious searchers to horror stories from men and women who have had a very unpleasant experience with Botox. Just like any customer review you read, there may be more to the story than they are telling. For example, they may have had an allergic reaction to the solution but they did not mention they were at a Botox party and the person giving the injections did not ask about their medical or allergy history.

Other stories that seem to be common include patients who have a frozen face after getting Botox. Once again, they did not mention they were happy with the first injection of Botox they got a couple of months ago and instead of waiting the recommended time to avoid unwanted side effects they got a second injection, which then caused their facial features to appear frozen due to having too much Botox in their system.

Although stories like these are true, that does not mean it will happen to you if you are smart about where you get your Botox injections. Choosing a licensed professional who keeps Botox at its recommended temperature and performs the injections in a sterile environment will mean you will not experience unwanted side effects. Plastic surgeons and doctors will always go through your medical history and ask about any allergies you have to determine if you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to Botox before you are given an injection.


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