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Tissue flap surgery is a breast reconstruction surgery which uses skin, fat and muscle from another part of your body to reshape your breast. It is most often resorted to by women who have had a part or their complete breast removed because of breast cancer. Tissue flap is also called autologous tissue reconstruction, which mean the tissue used to do the surgery comes from some part of body.

Even women with breast development problems may resort to tissue flap surgery for breast reconstruction. Its other name is autologous tissue reconstruction, where autologous means that the tissue used for Houston breast reconstruction comes from your own body.

The surgeon usually requires more than one surgery to perform breast reconstruction. The first surgery is performed with mastectomy or as a later, individual procedure. It is after this that the nipple and brown areola region around it is created.

Make sure you are comfortable with the surgeon

A plastic surgeon carries out tissue flap surgery, who has special training in breast reconstruction. It is important to meet your doctor before your surgery to get an idea of the best and worst results you can expect after the surgery.

You could also discuss the procedure with women who have already undergone it. And if you are uncomfortable with either the surgeon or the recommended treatment for treating your problem, it is better to consult another surgeon for a second opinion.

Two main types of tissue flap surgery

There are basically two types of tissue flap surgery: pedicle flap surgery where the doctor moves a tissue flap from the back or belly to the chest, without cutting its original blood supply. Here, the tissue flap is pulled under the skin to the chest area and attached.

In case of free flap surgery, the tissue and blood vessels of the skin to be attached is cut off. Once the flap is fitted in place, its blood vessels are sewed to the chest area blood vessels by the surgeon. This obviously is a very sensitive procedure that has to be carefully done using a microscope.

After breast reconstruction, you will feel much better about your appearance. In fact, many women who have undergone tissue flap breast reconstruction state that they feel much better about their bodies and are more alive, feminine and sexually happier with life after it.

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