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Houston TRAM flap breast reconstruction is available for women that have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer or other disease. While some women are content with the change in their body, others would like to reconstruct their breast to make it look closer to how it looked before the disease. It can be a powerful choice that makes women feel better about themselves and get back their femininity. The TRAM flap procedure has been improved on over the years and has become the standard method for mastectomy reconstruction.

Breast Implants or the TRAM Flap Procedure are Two Options for Mastectomy Reconstruction

A plastic surgeon in Houston works closely with their patient to learn about what they are personally hoping to achieve with mastectomy reconstruction. While a woman has had to make tough decisions leading up to this one, it is considered a proactive step to moving forward and enjoying life. A TRAM flap method is when the plastic surgeon reconstructs one or both breasts by using the patient’s tissue from the muscles in the abdomen. A plastic surgeon discusses the procedure with their client to determine if they are an ideal candidate for this method of mastectomy reconstruction.

Even though not all women are able to have a TRAM flap procedure, there are alternative options women can choose from. Breast reconstruction can also be done by using breast implants. This is done by having the doctor inserts a balloon-like tissue expander behind the chest muscle and injects a saline solution into the implant over the next several weeks or months. This method may have some temporary discomfort while the tissue stretches to accommodate the solution but it is still an effective breast reconstruction method.

Women that are interested in mastectomy reconstruction should find a reputable plastic surgeon that has experience reconstructing breasts by using breast implants or the TRAM flap method. Both have excellent results that leave breasts obtaining a normal shape so a woman’s silhouette looks curvy and feminine.

The Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform mastectomy reconstruction to help women get back their femininity and self-esteem. They also perform laser tattoo removal and breast augmentation in Houston.

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