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Dr. Mark Schusterman, Houston plastic surgeon, has successfully performed 53 Transumbilical Breast Augmentations (TUBA) since he began offering this procedure to his patients in October 2006. He has received 356 web inquiries about the procedure over the last year and the interest continues to grow.

TUBA, breast augmentation through the belly button, was first introduced in 1991 but since it requires a high level of technical expertise, few surgeons have pursued the training. Also, several misconceptions about TUBA, including that it increases the possibility of complications and is a blind technique, meaning correct implant placement would be difficult, have previously hindered interest in the procedure.

However, the truth is with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Schusterman, the complication rate is actually lower than traditional breast augmentations and the endoscope used during the procedure visually confirms the tunnel, breast pocket dissection, and implant placement.

As these and other misconceptions are clearing up, the interest in TUBA is growing. Dr. Schusterman continues to emphasize that TUBA offers many advantages over traditional breast augmentations as it is considered the less invasive option with a shorter surgery time (between 30 to 45 minutes), reduced anesthesia, and recovery time.

TUBA is just one example of how Dr. Schusterman continuously seeks out advanced training in procedures that complement his practice and bring benefits to patients. He comments, “Since each person’s body is different, the ability to offer different surgery techniques is very important to my patients.”

About Dr. Mark Schusterman

Dr. Schusterman is double certified — Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Board Certified in General Surgery. He is a well-known and successful educator, author and public speaker. He has performed thousands of surgeries, including breast augmentations, implants, lifts and reductions, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and body and facial contouring procedures. A complete list and description of procedures can be found at

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