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Transumbilical breast augmentation or TUBA is a breast augmentation procedure done with a full abdominoplasty. The doctor here uses the abdominoplasty incision for both the abdominoplasty and the breast augmentation. This means that there is no need of making incisions near the breast. It was in the early nineties that transumbilical breast augmentation Surgery was developed by Dr. Gerald Johnson to avoid visible scars around the breast and to allow both Houston breasts implants through a single incision.

The procedure TUBA is done under general anesthesia where a small incision is made in the fold of skin over the belly button. Using a blunt instrument called the obturator, the surgeon gently tunnels under the skin till the breast crease. Depending on where the implant is to be placed, the surgeon dissects either the loose connective tissue found between the muscle and breast tissue or under the chest muscle. All this is done with the help of an endoscope. Next, a breast implant sizer rolled into a taco shaped roll is guided through the tunnel to create a pocket. It is then inflated with sterile saline water to create a size larger than the size of final implant for refined dissection.

The same procedure is adopted for the other breast and checked for asymmetries after which the sizers are deflated and removed. The implants are then similarly implanted and breast sizes are equalized by varying the amount of saline in each implant.

Recovery time Once both breasts are symmetrical, the saline fill tube is gently pulled out of the self-sealing valve of each implant. The belly incision is then closed using sutures and dressed with a light compression and later dissolves in the body. Based on whether the implants were placed over or under the muscle, you will require 2-7 days to recover and return to normal activities after a Transumbilical Breast Augmentation.

However like any surgery, total healing takes between 6 to 12 months.

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