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Full body lift surgery in Houston does have risks that can occur. Luckily, an experienced plastic surgeon will dramatically reduce these risks by carefully performing the surgery and doing the necessary background work to ensure the patient is a candidate for the surgery to begin with. A reputable cosmetic surgeon will go over the risks and complications that other patients have experienced when having body lift surgery during a consultation. Then, the patient can make the decision about having a body lift if their medical history allows it.Plastic surgery has come along way over the years. Some procedures leave more scars than others. A full body lift does leave scars that some people may not feel comfortable with. Therefore, this procedure is only used for people who have lost 60 to 350 pounds and have excess skin that is getting in the way of wearing clothes that fit their new body size or is making it uncomfortable to sit and walk. Plastic surgeons do their best to keep body lift scars hidden and they do fade over time. Still, it is not a surgery for everyone.

Poor healing in the wound, excessive bleeding, blood clots, and temporary or permanent loss of skin sensation are complications associated with full body lift plastic surgery. It is extremely important to be open about what prescriptions and any illegal drugs a patient is taking. Luckily, patients who are truthful about past medical conditions and any current medications they are taking can help plastic surgeons determine if they are more likely to have these complications occur.

Patients that experience chest pain, unusual heartbeats, shortness of breath, or excessive bleeding after their surgery need to immediately call their plastic surgeon. A reputable surgeon will not let a patient have body lift surgery if they have an increased chance of developing a complication before or after surgery.

Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are top-rated plastic surgeons with thousands of satisfied patients who have gotten the body they deserve after a body lift. Their surgeons also offer laser liposuction and breast augmentations in Houston with dedication to their work in making people beautiful.

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