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As one grows older, one tends to develop sagging skin and wrinkles on their face and body. This is because as a part of the aging process, people lose fat and collagen in the skin of their hands and face. Though wrinkles are part of the aging process, it is possible for you to look younger using the help of non-invasive treatments like using injectable wrinkle and dermal fillers to your skin.

These injectable wrinkle fillers and dermal fillers help treat facial lines, wrinkles, thinning lips, receding chins, hollow cheeks and eyes and the wrinkles in between eyes. They are also effective in plumping the thin skin of your hands.

The process takes only half an hour, depending on the number of injection sites and injectables the technician uses. While the injections are practically painless, its results are instantaneous.

Benefits of using Radiesse for wrinkle treatment

There are various injectable wrinkle filler options available, of which Radiesse is one of them. Radiesse is basically an FDA approved dermal filler that helps make you look younger by stimulating your body to produce more new collagen.

A benefit of using Radiesse as your wrinkle filler is that the chances of it creating chronic inflammation or an immune response is minimum as it contains calcium hydroxylapatite, a normal bone constitute.

Moreover, there is no need of undergoing any allergy testing before using Radiesse, unlike in the case of collagen.

Radiesse is best used for smoothening your facial lines and for filling all facial recessions and scars. This will help in restoring volume both in and around the cheeks. It can also be used to restore fullness in your hands so that you look younger.

Results depend on the patient

All you need is half an hour for your Radiesse treatment. Regarding results, it varies with the individual. However most patients state that the effects of a Radiesse treatment lasts for about nine to 18 months.

Depending on the person’s skin type and aging process, some people may however have to undergo a touchup Radiesse injection about ten weeks after the first treatment for optimum wrinkle treatment results.

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