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Varicose veins removal is not only for people who want to simply feel better about the appearance of their legs. Some varicose veins are a sign of other health problems and is a good excuse to visit your doctor so he can determine what is the best treatment option is for you. However, once your health has been cleared you can discover the ways to get rid of varicose veins.

Ask Your Doctor About Varicose Veins and Health

Most people who have varicose veins simply have a cosmetic problem that a plastic surgeon can help them with by using varicose vein removal treatments, such as Sclerotherapy or AFT laser treatments. However, if you are experiencing pain in your legs it could be a sign of underlying health problems that you need to see a doctor for. If you have tried exercising and elevating your legs at home to remove varicose veins yet you are still uncomfortable due to the pain it is recommend you see your doctor to develop another plan of action.

Professional Varicose Vein Removal Options

Once you have treated other health problems or once you have determined your varicose veins are just a cosmetic problem, you can visit a plastic surgeon to learn what they can do to get rid of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy uses tiny needles to inject a solution that helps break down the varicose veins while AFT laser treatments use a special laser to target the veins that are causing the varicose veins to form. Both treatment options have been very successful with patients in the past. Your surgeon may combine both methods for your customized plan for optimal results. Your personal preference between the two methods will be the final factor to determine your varicose veins removal treatment.

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