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If you are considering getting yourself Houston breast implants, you should be aware that there are not only different types and options in these implants, but various options of where you want to have the implants placed.

One option is to have the implant placed atop the pectoral muscle, under breast tissue. The breast implant is said to be placed sub-glandular or above the pectoral muscle. This placement of the breast implant calls for a shorter recovery and healing time as the pectoral muscles are not disturbed.

This breast implant placement option is best for those with mild sagging, and don’t plan to have any breast lifts in Houston. This option also gives a more natural feeling to the implants while using your chest muscles as there is no distortion of the implant here.

The disadvantage of this option is that the implant lies close to the surface, and is visible under breast tissue. There is a chance of rippling occurring here as the implant is easily detected because of little or no breast tissue. There is also a chance of bottoming out with this breast implant placement; so ensure your breasts are supported well with a good bra.

Below pectoral tissue

The second option is to have the implant placed below the pectoral and breast tissue so that two-thirds of the implant is covered by the muscles. While placing the implant here, the pectoralis major and minor muscles are separated from the chest wall and the implant is inserted here.

This option offers lower risk of implant visibility, capsular constriction and mammography interference and also makes the implants less noticeable because of rippling. Breasts look more natural because of little breast tissue that gives the breast a more natural slope. In case the woman undergoes weight changes with pregnancy, the implants are less likely to sag as the muscle supports the implant.

Disadvantage of this option is that it requires a few days for recovery, and may lead to some discomfort. This option is not recommended for women with athletic builds as there is a chance of the implant getting distorted with some movements like swimming.

Completely under the muscle

The third breast implant option is to place it completely under the muscle using trans-axillary, inframammory fold or peri-areaolar incisions. This option was widely used by women requiring breast reconstruction in Houston after breast cancer. However today, surgeons also consider this option on women with little or no breast tissue as it offers minimal risk of capsular constriction and bottoming out.

The greatest disadvantage of these Breast implants is its pain and recovery period. There is also a greater chance of implant distortion here as the implant is placed behind both the pectoral and serratus muscles. Simple movements of these muscles may lead to the dancing of these implants.

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