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Acne is a common skin problem that not only affects teenagers, but also adults. It arises mainly because of clogged pores that secrete oils to the skin surface. This oil, with bacteria forms scars and pimples.

The first thing a person does to treat acne is through natural and home treatment options. If this is not successful, there are various other treatment options that can be considered to treat acne; where laser acne treatment is a very popular and effective option.

During acne laser treatments, a yellow colored laser beam is applied on the area to remove bacteria in the skin. The removal of bacteria induces the natural production of collagen that replaces the acne affected skin with healthy skin. While acne laser treatments last only an hour, its duration changes from person to person.

In fact, different skin types require different types of acne laser treatments. Your doctor will advise you on the best laser treatment for your skin and acne condition. The most popularly used laser treatments in the market today are fraxel laser, V-beam laser and smooth beam laser treatment.

1. Fraxel laser treatment helps eliminate pigmented cells and targets only affected skin regions. As pigmented cells are found in the top skin layer, laser applied here affects only the top most skin layer.

2. V-beam laser treatment targets blood vessels in the scar and is thus best suited for treating those with red acne scars. This laser treatment reduces the visibility of the scars and kills cells that trigger its spread.

3. In case of smooth beam acne laser treatment Houston, the doctor sprays cooling cryogen on the patient’s face so that the beam can easily penetrate the pores.

Taking a look at the various types of acne laser treatment options available, it proves that all laser treatments attack only the affected skin regions for effective treatment of acne. However though acne laser treatments are effective in treating acne, it is advisable to first try natural treatment options to treat your acne problem. Acne laser treatment is usually used as a last resort for treating acne, when natural acne treatments don’t work.

Contact us today to set up a consultation at our medical spa in Houston. Our Houston cosmetic surgeons will help determine the best route to a more beautiful you.

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